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Do You Have Change? is an interactive art installation tour created by RESET.

Follow the ringing and discover all five phones.

Don’t be shy. Pick up and eavesdrop.

The installation follows Nora (she/her) on a journey. Nora is calling her last five lovers to announce them she has an STD.

The dialogues explore relationship dynamics, sexual exploration and affective responsibility. Do they sound familiar?

What are the emotional repercussions?

Join us for a discussion with the creators and sex health activist, Dr. Martin Viehweger.
STD (Save The Date) Friday, 8th July: 17:45-18:15

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We are RESET, a multidisciplinary duo creating spatial design and art installations. RESET uses up-cycled materials (AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE) to present moments of cultural and social significance.


For RESET, spatial design is a communication tool superseding pure function and aesthetics and therefore generating thought-provoking            perspectives on contemporary and current issues.


RESET was established in Berlin in 2018 by Andrea Palacios and Laura Lara.


Special thanks to our collaborators

informed app, The Ground, Robert Niemann, Amir Baltic, Annette Müller, Leonardo Palacios, Deborah Calderón, Federico Beckhoff, Todd Wehrkamp, Elodie Coste, Claudio di Paola, Otar Bedoshvili, Debbie Davies, Dmitry Kamyshkov, Constance Chester, Milly Burroughs, Johannes Bischoff, Cristina Varela, Alexandra Concordia, Carolin Fidalgo, Sarah Badorrek, Inga Barnstorf, Martin Roa, Cielo Sanabria, Kamilla Pfeil-Gardiner, Iván Chávez, Juan Salazar,  Felipe Salmón,  Juan Kebork, Carlos Isava, Alejandra Richards, Juana Valderruten, Jan Idrogo, Caroline Pflüger, Yasmine Tural, Julia Borasci, Theresa Reimann-Dubbers, Josefina Brendel, Prapatsorn Sukkaset,  Lena Mehner, Anna Klaine, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio...

 together with

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